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Transponder Car Key Programming

Transponder Programming Birmingham

Many locksmiths in Birmingham choose not to do anything on the modern keys that use modern technology like the transponder chip keys. This can be attributed to the tough benchmarks that need to be met before they can service or repair these types of keys. However, at Auto Locksmith Birmingham, we can proudly say that we have all it takes to work on these keys. We have invested a lot of money in ensuring that we have all the equipment hence you can be sure that we will not leave you with a problem that is yet to be solved. Our locksmiths are also very well trained hence they will be able to give you quick and effective services. With our long history in car key programming Birmingham and transponder programming in Birmingham you can be rest assured the service will be both effective and affordable.

Although the modern keys have improved security of the cars by a very big margin, they have on the other hand made work very difficult for locksmiths. This is because the simple process of cutting a spare key now involves electronic detectors and a lot of programming. However, this is not a problem for locksmiths from Auto Locksmith Birmingham since they have been well trained on all the recent developments in the field therefore they will be able to deal with any issue that may come up. On eof our specialities is car key programming and transponder programming.They will come to you at any part of Birmingham where you may be stuck and before you know it they will have produced for you a spare set of keys that works just like the original ones. If you fear that the keys have been stolen, we will erase the stolen key from the immobilizer box and make for you another key and program it to work with the vehicle’s immobilizer. This way, the stolen key will have been deemed useless and you will never again live in fear of somebody coming and driving away in your vehicle.

The best part about getting locksmith solutions from Birmingham Car Locksmiths is the fact that we have the fastest response rates when compared to many of the other locksmith companies in the region. We will come to you wherever you will be stuck hence you will not need to incur any expenses towing the car to a workshop like most dealers do. In addition, our auto locksmiths will not leave you until they have solved all the problems that you could be having hence you need not worry that you will ever be forced to wait for weeks before you can use your car again. Most dealers will normally take several days or even weeks before they can have a key ready for your car. On top of the long wait, you will be charged very expensive prices. At Auto Locksmith Birmingham, your satisfaction is our main priority and this is the reason why we give all our services aiming at ensuring that you are happy and satisfied. Give us a call and be part of our long list of loyal and returning happy customers.

Many drivers still don't understand why they may need transponder programming Birmingham services but that's just because we aren't very familiar with the internal security systems in our vehicles. Transponders have been a part of many car keys since 1995 as an effort to improve the security system. Before transponder keys, the rate of motor vehicle theft was reaching alarming levels as thieves came up with all sorts of ways to get past the traditional locks and keys. With transponders, the vehicle could not be driven off unless the right key was being used in the car.

If when you insert a car key with a transponder in the ignition, an electronic signal is sent to the key from the Engine Control Unit (ECU). If the key doesn't send back the right signal, the engine will become immobilized. This simple system has foiled many thieves even when they've been able to force their way into a car. Transponders shouldn't be confused with key fobs. While key fobs are electronic devices with one or more buttons, transponders are just chips embedded in the key and even a key without any buttons will likely have a transponder inside.

Although transponders are important with regard to security, they can be a headache if they malfunction or when you need to replace a key. Transponders require special machines to program and manufacturers may have different approaches to their transponder programming and all this means that getting a replacement for your key can be difficult. Not every random lock smith will have the tools needed to program transponders and even those who have may not have all that is required to program the transponders of certain vehicle models. Additionally, vehicle security is improving every day and this means the programming of transponders is also becoming more challenging.

But, our transponder programming Birmingham service offers a complete set of solutions that are designed to ensure that whether you need a replacement key or looking to reprogram your transponder when it's acting up, you can rely on us to do a complete job. Over the years we have worked with many vehicle models and this ensures that there's no key transponder that we can't program for you. We also go to great lengths to ensure that we keep our systems, tools and skills up to date. This enables us to work on even the latest vehicle models that come with security systems that have not been used in the market before.

Thanks to our expertise and equipment, we don't just do accurate cutting of keys, we also do very accurate programming to ensure that our keys are completely compatible with your car. Our Replacement Keys have a long history of serving our clients for many years and this is because every aspect of what we do including transponder programming is done to perfection.

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